From Dreams to Reality – Making Lemonade!

My name is Vickie Gallegos, and I retired from Mesa Community College in June, 2019. My husband had wanted me to retire for the past several years; however, I couldn’t imagine sitting home and doing basically nothing. Plus I had always had my own income. So I kept putting off retirement until one day I was visiting with my fabulous quilter friend, Phyllis, who was telling me about a quilt retreat she was attending. The more she talked the light bulb went from dim, to bright to a flashing neon sign screaming — “You can do this!” From this point forward I started dreaming and planning. It took a year for me to actually put my plan in to action. I have researched, sketched, made lists, and of course shopped for all the items I thought you, my guests would need.

The dream was to build an addition to our existing cabin in Heber Overgaard, AZ. I drew plans and dreamed. My husband is a roofer – yes, at 70 years old he is still up there on the roof! I needed him to get the ball rolling with the addition. I could dream and in true Star Trek vernacular say “Make it so!” However, after exhausting days on the roof in the Valley of the Sun’s heat it was not even fair to expect him to spend his evenings focusing on the addition. I took things into my own hands and started searching for the architect my husband said I would need. I did a google search and input my information on several architects “contact us” forms. Only one contacted me… during our conversation I found out he lives part-time in Heber/Overgaard. Seemed like a dream come true!

June 2nd, my husband told me he thought the addition, as I wanted it, was going to be too expensive and that he just didn’t think we could do it. I was crestfallen. I felt that all of my work making business cards, sketches, shopping lists, etc., was all for nothing. I pondered what I should do…

What else could I do…I started making lemonade! I switched gears and decided to move forward with what I had and what I could control. I envisioned converting the loft into a sewing room. It will be cozy, but what is a little space among friends. I’ve bought twin beds, and sewing tables, chairs, ott lights, and am going up to make the lemonade! Mario, my super husband is the actual owner of the retreat and I am the manager. Mario is going to make us over-sized ironing boards, and I am working on a great gate-leg table to be used for cutting etc. He is helping me make 8’x4′ design boards to hang on the walls. He truly is my very own Super Mario!

So, stay tuned for my next installment of The Quilted Moose Mountain Retreat blog.

Author: QuiltedMoose

My husband has been wanting me to retire; however, I didn't know what I would do with all that time. A friend told me about a quilt retreat she attended and I had that "AHA!" moment! I can do that . So I started updating the our cabin in Heber/Overgaard, AZ to accommodate guests and provide a work room. I retired from Mesa Community College in June 2019 and spent the rest of this year creating business cards, flyers, visiting quilt stores and attending events where I could share what I have to offer. I hope you all come and take advantage of our little piece of heaven. By the way, I LOVE TO COOK and you will be the beneficiary of my talents.

6 Replies to “From Dreams to Reality – Making Lemonade!”

  1. Congratulations Vickie and Mario on your wonderful new adventure!

    Leigh Ann Counseller says:
    1. I’m a little speechless. I had no idea what you were up to when you asked if I would be interested in doing some work in Heber for you. If I’d only known what you were up to I might have said ABSOLUTELY! What a great idea and accomplishment! I don’t do quilting or crafts, but I wish you all of the success that you certainly deserve. Kudos!!👍

  2. is there a downstairs area? I only see info on the upstairs area. What is the kitchen area; are there couches in the downstairs area?

    Susan Calfee says:
    1. Susan,
      There is a downstairs –
      The Americana Room is downstairs.
      Living area:
      1 – Couch w/end recliners
      1 – Hide-a-bed couch with large ottoman
      2 – Recliners
      TV w/Amazon Fire stick.

      Kitchen/Dining Area:
      Electric Stove
      Dining table for 6

      Screened porch
      Dining table for 6
      futon couch
      Two (2) rocking chairs
      Outside dining table for 6
      I will email you pictures of the downstairs and kitchen.

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