The Fruits of our Labors!

We’ve been working really hard on the Quilted Moose Mountain Retreat! I thought it was shaping up pretty good, but a friend of mine came by with some other quilters on their way back to the valley from a quilting retreat and gave it a once over. I was glad they did, because they gave me a long list of things to consider. So, consider I did! I took that list and made quick work of it, checking off all their suggestions.

In addition to their list, Mario did some additional enhancements:

Air-Conditioning: The quilting room and upstairs bedroom have been improved by the addition of a split system for AC/Heat. Ladies, let me tell you, this is fantastic. The window air-conditioning unit I had was noisy, but this new system is extremely quiet and it cools down the room in minutes.

New Awning on the Upper Deck: Mario also added an awning to the upstairs deck. It is so wonderful. We had a big rainstorm the other day, and we sat out on the deck and enjoyed every second! Nothing like the mountain monsoon!

Sewing Room Layout: I have rearranged the sewing room multiple times and think I finally have a layout that works well. I’m always open to suggestions if you come up and need to move something around. I’ve reduced the number guests to five (5) to make it more roomy for the sewing room. However, keep in mind, I can add a sixth spot if you have one more person who really wants to come. I moved the cutting table, ironing station and the accuquilt products into an adjacent room. It made all the difference in the world. There is still a queen bed in that room in case you have that 6th person who just really wants to join in the fun.

Design Wall: The 8’x8′ design wall is up and functional. I will be adding one additional design wall hopefully in the next week or so. I had to wait for the A.C. to be installed so I could see where I could place it.

Two Recliners: There are two recliners for doing your hand work, or for just taking a break. A fridge, microwave, and Keurig is there for your use.

So, the good news is….

I’m ready for you to come up and take advantage of all of our hard work. I am open to any suggestions you may have after visiting us for the first time!