It’s Time for You!

Note: It’s way past time for me to add this post. I need to add it because I’ve got another one coming right behind this one! So…. here goes!

I love Thanksgiving, Christmas and ringing in the New Year. It is a crazy time of non-stop cooking, shopping, decorating, wrapping and thinking about how to make the holidays perfect for all of my loved ones. With our combined ten kids, 22 grands with one on the way, and two great grands with one on the way…. that’s a lot. Each of these holidays usually take a day or two to recover and get ready for the next round. I’m exhausted, but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve boxed up the holidays to wait for another year, and now I’m excited to get back to Mario’s and my new venture – The Quilted Moose Mountain Retreat! We are looking forward to sharing our little piece of paradise with all of you. Get with your friends, look at your calendars and pick a time to get out of the heat. Reserve your time to create and rejuvenate at the Quilted Moose Mountain Retreat where you can sew, quilt, knit, crochet, craft, eat, and sleep! 

Remember there are various options:

Hosted and Self-Service

  • Hosted – meals and cleaning included
  • Self-Service – prepare your own meals and leave the retreat house as it was when you arrived.


  • Sunday night dinner through Thursday morning breakfast
  • Friday dinner through Sunday Breakfast
  • Day camps are also available
  • Or let us know what you need and we’ll set something up just for you.

Get 50% Off

  • Coordinate your group of five (5) – including you
  • Schedule the dates
  • Collect everyone’s deposits and send it in to confirm your dates
  • Collect the final amount due send it in to complete your reservations
  • You will get 50% off your reservation fee