The Moose is on the Loose!

A test run of the Quilted Moose Mountain Retreat!

These lovely ladies joined me on a test run of the Quilted Moose Mountain Retreat earlier this month. We were all so very excited to escape up to the mountains and spend time quilting, visiting, and eating! Phyllis and I went up earlier in the day and made sure everything was ship shape for our other guests to arrive. I wanted to make sure everything started off with a great impression.

  • Fire in fireplace
  • Cabin warmed up
  • Table set
  • Dinner ready to go

Below is a small gallery of photos of our weekend. Enjoy! We did. I hope you join us soon at the Quilted Moose Mountain Retreat. And don’t forget about your 50% off one reservation if you coordinate a total of five guests for a retreat.


Baked potato soup with all the trimmings paired with sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches. Warm and yummy on the tummy on a cold winter night.

We dined on quiche lorraine, country potatoes and yogurt parfaits layered with homemade granola and fresh berries. The winner was the overnight Coconut Almond French Toast with Applewood bacon!


The sewing room was humming along every day as Phyllis and Kristen made great use of the two design walls (only one shown).

Sewing room features 5 3×4′ tables, cutting table, oversized ironing board and two design walls.

I worked on my first ever memory quilt using our dear Garrett’s shirts and jeans. This will be a gift for his twin sister.